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Bring rhythm to your events, create engagement.

"Music sounds better with You !"


Just as ‘The Graham Norton Show' isn't conceived without Graham Norton, we don't envision our Blind Test without a very skilled host.

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Our musical quizzes are custom-mixed based on your preferences. Any specific themes or playlists in mind? We've got it covered!

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Each player earns points based on their speed of response. Scores are displayed in real-time for maximum challenge.

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Blind Test You :
the official smiles provider

Officially launched three years ago, the Blind Test You web app by Soul Brothers stands out mainly for its interactivity, which has charmed more than 10,000 users worldwide. Discover a French gem that fosters connection in the workplace through games and music. Competition and good vibes guaranteed.

Blind Test You in three key points.

"Basic, simple, simple, basic."

Blind Test You is your favorite turnkey musical quiz for your professional events, seminars, or team-building, whether in person, remote, or hybrid.


With our web app, a QR code is all it takes to join the game, and players are separated by the hundredth of a second.


The faster you are, the more points you score! No need to shout, everyone can win.

Une vue isométrique d'un iPhone figurant une partie de Blind Test You en cours. La réponse à trouver est Daft Punk.
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Un groupe de joueurs lors d'un événement Blind Test You.