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The creation

BLIND TEST YOU was founded in 2017. Pacôme, the company's founder, wanted to create a new offering by combining his passion for music with his professional background to provide an innovative and digital solution in the market. Observing the somewhat 'archaic' nature of existing team-building offerings based on festive music quizzes for professionals in the market, Pacôme decided to launch his own web application. This application allows users to turn their phones into buzzers, replacing the traditional remotes offered by other market players.

After the arrival of Covid

The virus heavily impacting the events sector with all group services canceled, the company was hindered in its development. It was following various client requests that Pacôme decided to launch his remote music quiz offering, allowing BLIND TEST YOU to continue its development by conducting nearly 150 team-building events through video conferencing (via Teams, Zoom, Meet...). Some services even offered our music quiz Live option with our musicians specially coming to play our playlists live! Our clients were delighted as they could continue offering events to their employees.


Return to normal

It has been more than satisfying for us with nearly 70 events held in 1 year, the vast majority of which were in person. Because indeed, it's much more enjoyable when we have our client and their guests in person. Our hosts, musicians, and DJs present throughout the country can now travel to our clients' premises or to the location of their choice (venues, restaurants, bars...). In 2022, we were able to multiply large-scale events for highly renowned groups such as ALAN, BMW, MINI, BARRIÈRE, 4CAD, to name a few, bringing together between 300 and 500 people per event.

What we are

BLIND TEST YOU is, therefore, the best alternative for a festive team-building activity and/or a successful corporate event! We are suppliers of SMILES, so we guarantee 100% smiles, laughter, dancing, and singing. Our hosts and musicians will guide your colleagues through the lively rhythm of our 110 playlists covering music from the 1960s to 2023, including rock, disco, TV series, commercials, Disney... And all of this in French and/or English! Indeed, almost all our hosts are bilingual, and our application has an English version to offer you a high-quality CUSTOMIZED service for 2 hours of entertainment (or up to 6 hours with a DJ). We also offer gifts to the winning teams, leaving them with a memorable souvenir of their great victory!

Smiles provider

Our numbers

• More than 400 music quizzes events organized, in France and abroad 🇫🇷

• Over 25,000 players worldwide 🌍

• 4.8/5 on Google, with 85 reviews 👍

• Over 600 gifts distributed to winning teams 🎁

• Festive music quizzes tailored for groups of 20 to 1000 people, or more 👫👬👭

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